Avisa Sanat Yekta Company was founded on knowledge & experience of expert personnel in the field of oil & gas and energy & entered to the national projects as an expert company in excecution of projects and supply goods and equipment.

In this case company has full recognition of the importance of project management in execution of projects in various industries including oil & gas, petrochemicals and powerhouses and also management of various resources including supply chain of parts and equipment. and try to have synergy of knowledge, ability and experiences of specialized companies in different fields as it’s main strategy.

The company aims to provide services in the form of a general contractor(GC), Engineering, procurement, Construction & commissioning(EPCC) and management of constraction(MC) including engineering, execution and supply of goods related to the activities of oil & gas projects, refineries, powerhouses, petrochemicals, facilities, oil & gas pipelines and water pipelines and getting representation of internal & foreign companies related to the mission of the company.

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